Which artists in SM Town ever regretted being a member of their agency?

Some artists represented by SM recently admitted ever regretting being a member of their successful agency.

The answers are f(X)’s Sulli, Krystal, SNSD’s Hyoyeon, and Gangta.

On April 30, the showcase for the movie I AM was held at the CGV Youngdeungpo, in Youngdeungpo, Seoul.

SM’s artists were faced to answer this question: “Have you ever regretted being represented by SM Entertainment.”

f(X)’s “Giant Baby”revealed, “I became a trainee when I was in fifth year in an elementary school, and started loving in a dorm. My family lived in Pusan, so I couldn’t visit my family often, and missed my mom so badly.”

Another f(X) member Krystal revealed, “I didn’t like living in a dorm and being not allowed enough free time.”

SNSD’s dancing queen Hyoyeon gave a similar reason to Sulli’s. “I felt similar to what Sulli felt. For me, commuting from home to work took 3~4 hours. It was pretty hard as I was little.”

I AM is a biographical film featuring SM Town’s artists and their years of efforts and behind stories in the process of becoming world-famous stars—the first Asian singers going on the stage at New York Madison Square Garden, the center of pop. The high-profile movie is out on May 10.

Source: TV Report
Credit: en.korea.com
Shared by hellohazel@SMTownJjang 

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