SHINee’s Jong Hyun Shows “Artistic Soul” by Drawing Himself

SHINee’s Jong Hyun continues to show off his artistic skills by sharing drawings of himself on Twitter. On April 30, Jong Hyun tweeted, “Even during our tour, my ‘artistic soul’ does not fade away.”

In a drawing that accompanied that tweet, what is supposed to be Jong Hyun is seen with his hands up and the word “freeze” written next to him. It’s unclear at what moment he decided to draw himself (and we’re not even sure if that man is supposed to be Jong Hyun), but the realistic use of lines and the emphasis on the person’s hair and eye give a unique look to Jong Hyun’s drawing skills.

In fact, just one week ago, on April 24, Jong Hyun tweeted another drawing of himself. Back then, he was a little more specific, giving the original screenshot image of what his drawing was based on. He tweeted, “For the first time, I challenged the side shot…look forward to it,” with a screenshot of him looking surprised at something. But just moments later, he tweeted, “It was a fail,” with the result of his drawing, which made a lot of his fans burst out in laughter.

Netizens commented, “You’re actually very good, Jong Hyun,” “There’s a reason he’s called ‘Jong-tizen,” and “Can you also draw other parts of your body?”

Credit: Soompi
Shared by hellohazel@SMTownJjang 

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