Why was Korea Yakult surprised by Girls’ Generation?

“Was Girls’ Generation’s influence this strong?”

The Korean Yakult company got a big surprise after signing Girls’ Generation to be their new model.

Before releasing their new dietary product ‘Look’, the Yakult company opened up a company Twitter account (https://twitter.com/#!/yakultsweety) where they released snapshot photos of their CF, which the Girls’ Generation members took part in, and their soon-to-be distributed flyers.  What surprised the company was, not even 10 minutes after its release, hundreds people retweeted each of the posts.

An official from Yakult Korea commented in excitement, “In short, it was a magical experience.” He continued, “Our company has collaborated with many big models, but it is the first time that we have gotten such a big response.”

The commercials with the members of Girls’ Generation advertising the product is planned to be released next month. The commercial captures the femininity and maturity of the girls, also showing an ‘S-line that cannot be hidden’, gathering the attention of the many fans.

Meanwhile, the new soon-to-be released product holds three kinds of advantages — the inhibition of fat synthesis, allows the burning of fats and lastly, allows smooth bowel movements. The new product, labelled ‘Look’ will be the new dietary product released by Yakult Korea.

Credits: sportschosun.com
Translated by fanwonder.com
Shared by hellohazel @ SMTownJjang 


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