SNSD’s Hyoyeon says, “I’m the best dancer in SNSD”

SNSD’s Hyoyeon said sports dance was hard because she already knew how to dance.

Hyoyeon said so at a production report conference of MBC TV’s Dancing with the Star 2, which took place at Grand Ambassador Hotel on April 30.

Hyoyeon said, “The dance I’m going to perform is very feminine, which is quite different from the genre I like. People think I’ll also be good at sports dance because I’m good at dancing. But that’s not true. It could have been better if I learned sports dance before I learned dancing. Because I knew how to dance, it was rather more difficult. I’ll do my best though to show you my feminine side.”

Hyoyeon was also asked why she thought she was chosen from SNSD to appear on the show, Hyoyeon said, “I think I was chosen because I’m the best dancer in SNSD.”

Dancing with the Star 2 is a sports dance survival program, in which celebrities from various different fields participate. The season 1 recorded the highest viewer ratings of all programs on the same timeslot.

On the show, twelve celebrities – actress Choi Yeo Jin, pool world champion Kim Ka Young, SNSD’s Hyoyeon, actress Ye Ji Won, former national rhythmic gymnast Shin Soo Ji, actor Lee Hoon, former national soccer player Song Jong Kuk, MMA fighter Denis Kang, actor Sunwoo Jaeduk, architect Kim Won Chul, and singer Tony An – will appear. It will start airing on May 4.

Source: Starnews
Shared by hellohazel @ SMTownJjang 

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