SHINee’s Taemin expresses, “How do you meet a good person to marry?”

SHINee’s youngest member Taemin surprised everyone with a question a bit too mature for him.

Taemin recently asked MC Gong Hyung Jin on tvN’sTaxi, “How do you meet a good person to marry?”

When the 20 year old maknae (youngest) threw out a question that seemed to show he was already interested in marriage, the MCs Gong Hyung Jin and Lee Young Ja, the SHINee members and staff members were all taken aback but Gong Hyung Jin wrapped up the issue by opening up some stories about his marriage.

On Taxi, the SHINee members talked about how their group became a representative of the global K-Pop boom, starting from their hard times as trainees to the difficulties they now encounter as big stars.

SHINee also lined up their members based on funny themes, such as how popular the members are in different countries and which member likes eating the most. The members neatly lined up, and opened up a variety of anecdotes on the subject.

The MCs prepared a special present for SHINee, who had been busy with its promotions. For the members, who said that they had never gone on a trip together after their debut, the two MCs drove the taxi to a special place. The full story will be revealed on the April 26 broadcast of Taxi.

Source/Credit: CJ E&M enewsWorld
Translation Credit: Erika Kim
Shared by: SHINee Forums International (


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