EXO-M avoids talking about their future, Chinese member, Zhang Yixing gets spoilt at his hometown

Golden Eagle Reuters (Reporter Liu Hui Ling) On the 25th April, EXO-M came to record <Happy Camp>. Even though they’re a new group produced by Korean company, SM Entertainment, but their popularity is already surging in China, on the afternoon of recording day, there were already a huge group of fans who were waiting for their idols. Due to the delay in the flight, it caused many fans to wait longer; When interviewed, several members expressed their apologies, with respect, they said that they “didn’t deserve” such treatment.

EXO is a boy group that debuted under SM Entertainment in January, this year; Due to the needs of the developing market, they split the group members up into 2 groups: EXO-K are made up of Korean members while EXO-M has 4 Chinese members and 2 Korean members, the two groups would debut with the same song in 2 different countries. In EXO-M, Zhang Yixing is from Changsha, this time upon returning back to Changsha for promotions, he naturally received the fans’ welcome, at the recording site, there were his glow boards for him. “Not only can he come back, but he’s also able to record <Happy Camp>, there’s nothing better than this!”

When asked about their future advancements in China, if they’d emulate SJ-M from the same company, EXO-M expressed that they are still planning for their long term, future advancements’ path, even though the competition between boy groups are tough, but they don’t forget what they can learn from their seniors and receive experience, “At the moment, the most important is to let more Chinese-pop fans know us and listen to our music.”

Translated by: reen. @ CODE:EXO
Shared by hellohazel @ SMTownJjang 


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