Super Junior “Super Show 4” in Jakarta causes controversy of EXO M

The presence of EXO-M as a guest star in Super Junior’s concert in Jakarta causes some controversy. EXO-M will collaborate with Suju, or completely separate?

ELF INA should be proud because Indonesia has received a special package of Suju and SM Entertainment. Apart from Taiwan who gets a concert SS4 to 4 days, only Thailand and Indonesia, which gets three consecutive days. SS4 concert in Korea even held only by two days. Then a different selection of special guest stars for SS4 in Indonesia.

If the previous SS4 Suju concert took Sulli and Amber f(x) and two Suju M members, Henry and Zhoumi, to collaborate, specifically SS4 Indonesia will be presented EXO-M as a guest star. Not clear whether the later EXO-M will collaborate with Suju or appear separately on the stage SS4. Our prediction, they will promote her debut song, “MAMA”. If you are lucky with two singles plus their prologue, “History” and “What is Love”.

Unfortunately, the presence of EXO-M SS4 concert coincided with some pros and cons. Many have welcomed the lively presence of Tao-member boy band, Luhan, Lay, Chen, Kris, and Xiu Min, but most of the ELF reject their presence. The cause? Our tentative conclusion is still around jealousy ELF for preferential treatment of EXO SME, which has actually been happening since the SME began promoting large-scale EXO

They considered the treatment of EXO SME somewhat redundant, because as crazy promotion that made to the EXO has never been applied to groups formed by the previous SME, including Super Junior.
Concerns that EXO will rival the popularity of Suju make the most of the ELF decided not to support the presence of EXO-M in Jakarta. This excitement was fueled tensions between the pro and cons of EXO on Twitter.

In fact, if traced again, relationship with Suju own EXO actually existed in harmony. Suju as a senior support his younger siblings in EXO since they are still in training. This was never disclosed EXO-K in an interview with the magazine High Cut. “Yunho sunbae (senior-red) helped us in training. Either teach dancing, singing, or performing on stage, he is always there to help us. Leeteuk sunbae also gives a lot of help to us. He always taught us about good manners, responsibility, and teamwork should always take precedence in this work, “explained Suho.

Suju intimacy and EXO also drawn from the video recording and Kai compactness Eunhyuk with their choreographer, Greg, in bringing a dance. Eunhyuk is known as a “dancing machine” of Suju, while Kai is known as EXO member who excel in the field of body movement. Kai brings advanced hip hop dance, jazz, ballet, pop & locking up. The video lasted less than a minute it looks Eunhyuk really enjoyed the session with the junior dance.

So, if EXO and Suju do so well, why the fans should be hostile?

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