Yoona’s sullen expression on ‘Love Rain’ sparks buzz among fans

On April 21st, behind still cuts of Yoona from KBS ‘Love Rain‘ was revealed to the public.

Yoona, who plays as Jung Hana,has been receiving much love from viewers for her fresh and cute image in the series. The still cuts above showcase various emotions, displayed by the actress in her scenes. What caught the most interest of fans, however, was her sullen expressions when being irritated by Seo Joon (played byJang Geun Suk). After seeing the still cuts, fans have created a nickname for Yoona called, “Pouting Hana“.

One representative from the series shared, “Hana, who shows a lively and fresh image, is actually similar to the real Yoona, who brightens the mood on the set with her cheerful attitude. It must be difficult for her to film these never-ending shootings, but she’s still able to show a bright smile. There are a lot of compliments about her from the staff.

In related news, the last preview promised a kiss scene between Yoona and Jang Geun Suk which has many fans anticipating the next episode.

The PDs also recently released behind-the-scenes clips of the show for fans enjoyment, check it out below!

Source: Nate
Credit: Hireshi.net
Shared by hellohazel @ SMTownJjang 


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