TVXQ holds a successful finale for their concert tour in Japan

TVXQ recently finished a successful concert tour in Japan, setting a record of gathering 550,000 audiences and proving their unsurpassed popularity.

TVXQ held a successful finale at the concerts held at the Kyocera Dome in Osaka from April 21 to 23, gathering 135,000 audiences.

The group set a remarkable record of gathering 550,000 audience in total through the concert TXXQ Live Tour 2012 Tone, which consisted of 26 concerts and lasted for 97 days with a kickoff in Yokohama on January 18. The number of the audience is the biggest for a single Korean act and is not easy to be attained by Japanese acts, either.

The concert consisted of hit-singles in Japan, individual performances of each member, as well as the songs from their Japanese album TONE, released in last September.

The group not only overwhelmed but also triggered laughter from the Japanese audience.

Filling the arena with red lights, the huge number of fans enjoyed the concert, standing all the way, and showed explosive responses.

In the latter part of the concert, the two stars traveled through the inside of arena by a vehicle to greet their fans, throw them autographed balls at random, and most importantly interact with their dear fans. When it was time for the last song for the day, “Somebody To Love,” it reportedly seemed as if the whole area was exploding.

Source: TV Report
Shared by hellohazel @ SMTownJjang 


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