Super Junior requests local food and to go on vacation in Indonesia

4 days to go for Korean boyband, Super Junior, to hold their own concert in Mata Elang International Stadium, Ancol, Jakarta. This is their first concert in Indonesia that the fans have been waiting.

In the concert, titled “Super Show 4”, the boyband which have 9 members already made their requests  to Showmaxx Entertainment as the promoter in Indonesia.

“They request chicken satay, fried rice, and banana,” said Sherwin Djajadi as the Director of Showmaxx Entertainment on Friday, April 20th. “Of course, we will serve special ones for them.”

Super Junior is the culinary ambassador of South Korea. As the ambassador, they want to taste the food in every country they visit. And, Super Junior also request to be served Korean food as well.

Sherwin also revealed that Super Junior members are planning to have vacation in Indonesia. But, he doesn’t want to reveal where the members will go for security reason. He also doesn’t want to reveal when Super Junior members arrive in Indonesia.

“The arrival of Super Junior in Indonesia won’t be revealed,” said Sherwin. “The most important thing is Super Junior gets comfortable place in Indonesia and we won’t hold press conference before the concert.”

Original Article: Yahoo! Indonesia
Translated by hellohazel @ SMTownJjang


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