A Taiwanese fan touched by Taemin’s sincerity

SHINee Taemin’s touching message for overseas fans has been revealed.

On 23 (April) Afternoon, KBS2TV “Hello” production team revealed to StarNews that on the upcoming broadcast of “Hello” on the 23rd, a touching incident between Taemin and Taiwanese female fans will be revealed.

According to the production team’s insiders’ information, a 20+ year old Taiwanese SHINee fan came to the show as a “troubled” guest for the recent “Hello” recording. This guest appeared on “Hello” and communicated directly in Korean about her troubles.

The production crew expressed “This troubled guest is a teacher from a Taiwanese middle school”, as a SHINee’s fan, most of her monthly income has been spent purchasing SHINee’s merchandises – hence she was troubled and appeared on “Hello”.

In order to see SHINee during the weekends, she travelled to Korea and Japan. Due to her frequent travelling habits, her marriage savings has been used up.

The production team asked this fan what present did she buy for SHINee. She replied that Taemin wore the wool sweater she has given him.

It was revealed that Taemin wore this sweater for his activities and coincidentally took a photo of him wearing it. In this episode, Taemin wore that particular shirt the fan has given him to the program. Upon seeing that, the fan was so touched that she was at a loss of what to do. Taemin did not throw away the presents fans has given him, instead, all of them were well-kept. There is a warm atmosphere in this particular broadcast. The presents fans have given to SHINee are all well-kept and this have caused everyone to be amazed.

Read the article here : http://star.mt.co.kr…ype=1&outlink=1

Source : STARNEWS // Kor-Chi : FALLIN IN TAEM  李泰啦 (www.fallintaem.com) // Chi-Eng : soundtracklove@soompi
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