Girls’ Generation’s Status Has Been Solidified Once Again

In an online community board, a few pictures were uploaded with a title of “How Sunbae Idols Talk about Girls’ Generation.”

It is a compilation of quotes from the first generation idols such as S.E.S., Fin.K.L, and BoA talking about Girls’ Generation.

S.E.S.’ Eugene showed extraordinary love for the girls by saying, “When I look at Girls’ Generation, it feels like I’m looking at us during our first years. I think the cuteness adds on to that.” Both of these two girl groups have captured all male fans’ hearts with their concept of “fairy”.

Fin.K.L’s Ock Joohyun also showed her unusual love for the girls by saying, “Girls’ Generation is a very pretty painting that makes me reminisce about my old days.” Sung Yuri also highly praised the girls’ beauty and said, “I have a personal friendship with Girls’ Generation, but that is not the only reason that I say they are beautiful even in the eyes of a woman.”

Fin.K.L’s Lee Hyori made a cool comment at a fan signing event by saying, “You still like Fin. K.L? Switch over to Girls’ Generation,” and took Girls’ Generation’s side.

BoA, who has been very active in “K-pop Star” recently, revealed her desire to be part of Girls’ Generation when she was asked, “If you had a time machine and you went back to when you were 13 years old, would you choose to become a singer again?” by replying, “I would choose to sing, but I won’t choose to be BoA. I had a hard time overseas alone. I want to become the oldest member in Girls’ Generation. You may think that we have a large age difference, but we’re only three years apart.”

With these comments made by the sunbae idols, netizens commented, “The sunbaes like Girls’ Generation because they are very polite”, “Whatever the reason is, it has been confirmed that Girls’ Generation is at the top of the female idol list in Korea”, “As expected, Girls’ Generation are even more recognized by their sunbaes!”

Source: Review Star
Written by: Litney@soshified
Edited by: NeonCyro@soshified
Translated by: minigiglo@soshified


One response to “Girls’ Generation’s Status Has Been Solidified Once Again

  1. I agree 100% with the sunbae idols that Girls Generation members are beautiful inside and out. They have good manners, right attitude, and always have happy disposition that is why fans all over the world love, adore, and respect them so much. I ,as one, never tire watching and monitoring them because you learn as well as enjoy so much from them.

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