BoA says “thank you” to Netizens’ criticism

BoA, who is currently a judge on SBS‘ ‘K-Pop Star‘, thanked Netizens even for their criticism.

On April 20th, a Netizen commented on BoA’s Twitter, saying “If you decide to come back as a judge on season 2, I would appreciate it if you showed the basic skills of a competent judge, instead of just caring about clothes and make-up. Your judging full of gibberish and the same exact comments every week… it was a bit too much.”

In response, BoA simply responded with “Oh… Okay… Thank you.” At the extremely subjective criticism, BoA did not express any anger and took in the comments very humbly, earning the respect of her fans.

On the episode of ‘K-Pop Star’, which will air on April 22nd, the Top 3 contestants, Baek Ah Yeon,Park Ji Min, and Lee Ha Yi, will sing their hearts out in a fierce battle with the end of the show just ahead.
Source: BoA’s Twitter
Image: Osen
Credit: Allkpop
Shared by hellohazel @ SMTownJjang 

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