[TRANS] Eunhyuk Twitter Update

@AllRiseSilver: “쪼끔 늦었지만 감사드려요! 50만장 넘겼단 소식듣고 첨엔 실감이 잘 안났지만 뭔가 자부심 생기고 뿌듯합니다! 앨범 사주신 분들 정말 모두 감사드리구요~ 이 힘으로 6집앨범 잘 준비하겠습니다!!!! 꾸벅(__) http://yfrog.com/h2mxwzp”

@AllRiseSilver: Although it’s a little late, thank you! When I first heard the news that we sold over 500,000 copies, the reality didn’t hit me then, but now I somewhat got a boost of self esteem and feel proud about it! Really, thank you to everyone who bought the album~ With this strength I’ll prepare well for the 6jib album!!!! *bows* (__) http://t.co/qTpFnVeg

Translate by: @AllRiseXiahtic
Shared by: YoonTeuki @ SMTOwnJjang


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