Sooyoung goes Bohemian for Marie Claire!

Dressed in lifestyle brand name Club Monaco‘s comfortable white, cream and sepia-colored Bohemian-style clothing, Sooyoung flaunts her goddess-like poses that gave out an exotic mood. The pictorials which feature Sooyoung in a never-seen-before fantasy-like and exotic sense brings out her more matured feminine side.

In the pictorials, Sooyoung’s casual and feminine bohemian-look was achieved using all-season vintage accessories and minimal fashion items. With styling that involves white, blue, grey and other calm and simple colored one-piece dress and pants as well as cardigan and blouse, Sooyoung’s unique cuteness and lively expression enhance the sense of loveliness about her.

These beautiful pictures of Sooyoung are available in the May issue of fashion magazine ‘Marie Claire’.

Translated by
Shared by hellohazel @ SMTownJjang 


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