SNSD’s Yuri from Fashion King donates 1.73 tons of rice

SNSD’s Yuri has donated 1.73 tons of rice to a social welfare society.

According to rice congratulatory wreaths company Dreame, the star has donated rice two different times, on April 4 and 18, to a social welfare organization in Jingwan-dong, Seoul. The total amount of rice weighed 1.73 tons.

Yuri received this vast amount of rice at the press conference of SBS’ Fashion King (written by Lee Sun Mi, directed by Lee Myung Woo) on April 14 from her fans. To make this gift meaningful, she decided to use them for good and donated every grain of rice to the social welfare society.

Member Jin Gwan Moo of the organization says, “Her donations will be delivered to our neighbors who are in need. We are looking forward to more practice of sharing through rice congratulatory wreaths.”

Source: TV Report
Shared by hellohazel @ SMTownJjang 


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