Shinhwa’s Eric and MinWoo support Sunny at her musical!

Recently, Sunny, who dressed up as a nurse (Brenda) for her musical ‘Catch Me If You Can’, took a selca with Shinhwa’s Eric and MinWoo.

On April 18th, Shinhwa’s MinWoo posted an update through Shinhwa’s official twitter account stating, “Through Sunny’s invitation, Eric and MinWoo had a sweet day off watching the musical. It was really fun and more awesome than watching a movie! KyuHyunie is cool! Cutie Sunny Jjang! Long live Soshi SuJu!” Along with the twitter post, MinWoo shared a selca of himself, Eric and Sunny.

Dressed in a pink and white-colored nurse costume, Sunny made a cute and funny expression while posing in between MinWoo and Eric. Netizens who saw the photo commented, “Sunny is really cute”, “Eric is still very handsome”, “I wish both Soshi and Shinhwa all the best”, etc.

Translated by Fanwonder
Shared by hellohazel @ SMTownJjang

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