A sneak peek of pretty Seohyun at a beauty parlor

On an online community site, a post entitled ‘Photos taken at a beauty parlor’ was published. In the photos, Seohyun was seen reading a script while having her hair done. Seohyun, who is one of the regular MCs for MBC ‘Show! Music Core’ seemed to be reading the script before the recording session.

Seohyun’s natural side profile and her good seating posture have garnered much attention. Although it does not look comfortable (the posture), these photos gave a peek into the daily life of Seohyun who always lives righteously.

Netizens who saw the photos commented, “Her parents have really taught her well”, “She also looks smart and neat while reading the script”, “Seohyun’s side profile is really pretty”, “She’s working hard all the time”, etc

Credit: reviewstar.hankooki.com
Translated by Fanwonder
Shared by hellohazel @ SMTownJjang 


One response to “A sneak peek of pretty Seohyun at a beauty parlor

  1. Ah, the beautiful & lovely Seohyun, whatever angle, she is so, so pretty that is why the guy from Busan who has declared recently in a radio program that he was divorced from Seohyun more than one year ago & has change his ideal girl (which really pinched my heart since I am a avid Yongseo fan) will soon eat his words. Seohyun, you’re still the best for me! As I have mentioned several times, I will always be here to support you & your group forever.

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