[VID+TRANS] EXO-K on Wide Entertainment News

[TRANS] WE ARE ONE! Hello, we are EXO-K! (goes on greeting everyone) Please take care of us!

Chanyeol: We’re really excited and a bit nervous but we think it’s gonna be so much fun.
Suho: EXO’s general “feel” is a magnificent orchestra and unconventional music that makes people’s hearts beat.

{caption1: but they’re still shy in front of the camera}
{caption2: fully concentrated once on the stage EXO}
{caption3: receiving the most attention in the first half of 2012, rookies EXO}

Baekhyun: Sharing the same stage with our sunbaes is really exciting and interesting.
{question: Who is the sunbae that you respect the most?}
Baekhyun: SNSD— oh no oh no (bows in embarrassment)– We respect SHINee sunbaenims. I love you. (bows awkwardly)

{Sehun and Kai demonstrates the main point of MAMA dance while D.O sings}

Suho: One by one, we are promoting in each stage, and although we’re still nervous, we will show you a good stage, a good performance and good music. (then goes on to say don’t change the channel cos they’re next)

CREDITS: bluebirdsfly9
English Trans: my_faux_pas

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