SHINee, FT Island, and MBLAQ members faced with a chaotic scene at the airport in Hong Kong

All 6 of them – Lee Hongki, the one who acted in “You’re Beautiful” and Choi Minhwan from FT Island, Jonghyun and Taemin from SHINee, under the same company as Super Junior members and Korea’s Idol king Rain’s “disciple” group MBLAQ members Lee Joon, Mir, came to Hong Kong yesterday to record for Korea’s Variety program “Sponge”.

Even though the pop stars touched down at noon, but more than 500 fans have gathered at the airport early in the morning. Most of them were female students, holding placards, yellow flags and yellow balloons to welcome them. There were also fans who were wearing yellow tiger outfits, and doing other strange antics to catch their idol’s attention. Due to the crowded situation, around 50 workers, security guards and policemen who are highly vigilant were employed – they were deployed to avoid/clear the crowd from the immigration gate through special passageway to the carpark, preventing crazy fans from having any physical contact with the 6 idols. This have caused much unhappiness, there were even some who took advantage of the situation, lost control and ran towards the carpark at the basement. This has caused the airport to seemingly turn into a school sports festival as there were constantly people running everywhere.

With the help of many staff, the six of them arrived at the main hall at 12noon. The scene was bustling with screams, (fans) getting ready to shake hands with idols, take photos. The pitiful thing is that the idols were arranged to move through a tunnel from the immigration gate to another underground special passageway to board their transportation. This disappointed many fans. The 6 of them were spotted surrounded and guarded by staff on both their sides – they were giddy-headed (S/N : In confusion) and were seen having blank/cold/pale faces. There was also lack of eye contact with fans and Hongki even used his camera to hide his face. The staff hurried (S/N : The article emphasized the word “Hurried/rushed”) the 6 of them up their buses. Once the stars were boarded safely on the bus, Jonghyun, who sat near the window gave a small smile. When the bus was about to leave, there were crazy fans who rush out to the roads, which left the officers no choice but to scream at them to chase them back to the pedestrian streets.

Upon reaching Hong Kong, the 6 of them headed separate ways, FT Island and SHINee were spotted at Tai O, while MBLAQ were spotted shopping at Kowloon Station’s large scale shopping mall as well as at HungHom’s Waterfront promenade. In addition, MBLAQ’s Mir left a note on the internet/ (S/N : Tweeted?) that he has been working continuously recently, before he came to Hong Kong, he went to Thailand. After that, he will be rushing for another recording – only 2 hours of sleep, extremely exhausted, he even forgot/missed his meals which caused him to feel some abdominal pain – a mixture of exhaustion and illness. It is no wonder that Mir’s face was pale when he was in Hong Kong.

Source : ORIENTDAILY and
Text by : Music Team // Translation : soundtracklove@soompi
Shared by  hellohazel @ SMTownJjang   


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