Choi Si Won reveals his fantastic abs on Poseidon

Choi Siwon who appears as the main character of KBS 2TV’s Poseidon that will air its first episode the 19th, revealed his fantastic abs.

According to the production company Annex Telecom on the 18th, Choi showed off his abs on the recording site in Paju, Gyung Gi.

Choi lifts weight for over two hours a day to stay fit. It is said that Choi trained regularly for Poseidon since it has a lot of action scenes.

In the TV series, Choi Siwon plays the role of Kim Seon Woo, who is the best policeman on the team until encountering a mysterious investigation. Kim Seon Woo joins Nineth investigation team, which was made to solve this particular problem, and tries to solve the mystery with his quick reasoning and keen sensation.

A representative of the production crew says, “Choi Si Won proves how professional he is by taking good care of himself despite the intense shooting. Please look forward to Choi Si Won, who will show off his manly charms as a maritime police.”

Choi Si Won’s fantastic abs will be released on the second episode that will air on the 20th.

Source: Starnews
Via En Korea.


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