U-Know Yunho & Jaejoong Contact Each Other?

Recently, it has been a hot topic that DBSK and former SM singers JYJ supposedly contact each other.

(Hero) Jaejoong recently wrote on Twitter, “I want to answer this directly myself. I will talk from my view. I only sent a few (text) messages, but do you know how hard they were to send? I just sent another text, so please check..” 

There have been rumors that this message was aimed to DBSK’s leader, U-Know Yunho. U-Know Yunho had recently announced in an interview that he had no contact with JYJ, and that he just deleted text messages from unknown numbers.

On the other hand, (Hero) Jaejoong said in an interview, “I try to contact U-Know Yunho and Choikang Changmin but I never get a reply.”. He also added, “I try to meet the two people, but it’s harder than I thought (it would be)” 

Fans have commented, “DBSK clearly said that they’ve changed their phone numbers, so why are you trying to contact them now?” and so on, questioning the truth behind (Hero) Jaejoong’s tweet.

Meanwhile, (Hero) Jaejoong deleted the confusing tweet, but there still has been numerous retweets and replies.

Credits: sstv.tvreport.co.kr

Photo Credits: sstv.tvreport.co.kr

Translated by ilysmtown @ SMTownJjang

(Many users have commented that this is news from a while ago. The search engine I used, Daum, states that this article was written and posted on the 19th of August, last Friday. To clear up the confusion, I have taken a screenshot of the site which I got the article from. I have underlined the article title and date in red, so please check the photo before complaining. Thank you!)

6 responses to “U-Know Yunho & Jaejoong Contact Each Other?

  1. Hi everyone,

    I’ve been getting some questions about this article, asking me if it’s old news or not. To clear up this confusion, I would like to say that when I researched this news on Daum, a Korean site, it said that this was news from August 19th. I am not sure if this is an accurate date, but the article’s comments don’t say that it is old news either.

  2. I have already stated in the first comment that the search engine I used, Daum, clearly states that this article was written and posted online on the 19th of August, last Friday. Since people continuously complain that it’s old news from months ago, I would like to post a piece of “proof”. You can click on it to see a bigger version. It is a screenshot of the site I got it from, and the article is underlined in red. Please read it before posting anymore comments. Thank you.

  3. I definitely remember hearing about this a while ago…surely months ago. So this news has to be old nevertheless…but if it /is/ recent, then i would be very happy for i fear Jaejoong has stopped trying to make contact with Yunho and/or Changmin when chances arrive. :[

    But what also is good, is that both sides have a couple of the same friends, so those friends could just as easily relay messages back and forth if necessary.
    I hope that they secretly contact each other even in that way. Their friendship is dear to me..

  4. Why would people bash Jae Joong? *upset* If I were Jae, I would try to contact them too….. Who wouldn’t want to contact their lifelong friend? Don’t worry Jae, I will be by your side!!! Always Keep The Faith!!!

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