[NEWS] Kinki Kids’ Koichi Domoto praised SNSD and Kara for their awesome performances

At a press conference for his visit which took place at 2.30pm KST on August 10th in the Grand Hilton Hotel at Hongeun-dong, Seodaemun-gu in Seoul, Japan’s top idol, KinKi Kids’ Koichi Domoto mentioned about SNSD and Kara, the girl groups who are currently enjoying huge popularity in Japan.

Koichi Domoto said, “I had been on a program with Kara before but as for SNSD, I only managed to meet them briefly. At the same time, looking at their activeness in pursuing various areas, I think they are pretty amazing. I try to calm myself as I still feel nervous before going up on stage but it looks like they do not tremble and manage to deliver great and enjoyable performances”.

He then praised the girls by saying, “They are really awesome”.

Koichi Domoto’s first ever concert in Korea ‘Koichi Domoto 2011 BPM in Seoul’ will be held on September 10th at Seoul Olympic Hall. Tickets go on sale at 9pm KST on August 11th.

Source: newsen.com/star.mk.co.kr
Credit: Fanwonder

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4 responses to “[NEWS] Kinki Kids’ Koichi Domoto praised SNSD and Kara for their awesome performances

    • You make it sound as if there is a huge barrier. If I was to say anything, I would say there are a huge korean population that is against Japanese than vice versa. However a lot of the younger Korean generation is more accepting than the older generation. Even my brother-in-law’s father is kind of racist in a way against Japanese people. In Japan, the largest minority is KOREANS. In South Korea, there are more Chinese residents than Japanese too.

      Remember, Japan is the LAND OF MONEY FOR ENTERTAINERS (Japan ranks #1 or #2 in world music–surprisingly). We don’t anyone’s motives.

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