Sulli’s Dreams Come True

f(x) member Sulli has confessed that her dreams have come true, surprising many guests.

Sulli confessed on a Strong Heart MC-Special Episode to be aired on the 19th, “My dreams have come true several times, it’s surprising.”

“Once I asked my mom to buy a lottery ticket with the numbers I saw in my dream, and I ended up winning 100,000 Korean Won.”  Sulli said. She also added, “If I see water in my dreams, something good happens.” 

Sulli also said, “If I dream about something dangerous that will happen, I always am careful the next day, and I avoid accidents.”, surprising the guests around her.

Also on this day, along with Sulli, Ryu Siwon, Lee Jihoon, Park Sohyun, SBS announcer Kim Sowon, Kim Songjoo, Wang Jongun, Kim Ja-oo, Yoon Sohee, Ahn Sunyoung, and ZE:A’s Hwang Kwangee were also present.



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Translated by ilysmtown @ SMTownJjang


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