Krystal’s “11-Abs” Declared to be Perfect!

f(x) member Krystal has been declared to have perfect abs.

Recently at an internet portal site, the topic, “Krystal’s 11-Abs”, along with her pictures, have been gaining attention.

It is a picture of Krystal at a past “MBC Music Core!” episode aired on the 2nd, in the middle of the “Hot Summer” dance.

On this day, Krystal wore short hotpants along with a short top and danced along energetically to “Hot Summer”. During one part in which the dance requires her to raise her hands up, her shirt got pulled up slightly, revealing her abs. Netizens were surprised to see her perfect 11-abs.

Netizens commented, “These days it’s Krystal time!”, “Her abs are pieces of art…she’s tall and skinny…she’s got it all.”, “She’d be on the Idol Top 5 list!” and more, all praising her perfectly-shaped 11-abs.

Meanwhile, Krystal is starring on SBS’ weekend program, “Kiss & Cry”, with her partner Lee Dong Hoon.



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Translated by ilysmtown @ SMTownJjang

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