Don Spike: Taeyeon is the most desirable idol

Famous Arranger and Composer, Don Spike thinks Taeyeon is the most desirable idol.

Meeting with reporters at CJ E&M Center in Sangam-dong on June 29th, Don Spike said, “Taeyeon can really sing well. Although I’ve never seen her singing live before, I thought she has an outstanding vocal after listening to her recorded song”. Don Spike was the arranger for Kim BumSoo-Taeyeon’s duet ‘Different’.

Don Spike revealed, “During recording, you can hear a singer’s actual voice clearly. Without other effects or mixing works done, I was hugely impressed by Taeyeon’s singing. Her techniques, feel of the song and everything are excellent”.

He added, “As an arranger, if you listen to the vocals, i get my own feelings about them. Listening to singers’ vocals everyday, there are always concerns on how to ‘dress them up’.However, Taeyeon’s voice seems to ‘fit any clothes’”.

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Shared by: YoonTeuki @ SMTownJjang


6 responses to “Don Spike: Taeyeon is the most desirable idol

  1. when it’s come to vocals, then i must say Taeyeon. but when it’s come to acting then it Yonna.

    so they both desirable for me

  2. WTF with yoona . she;s even can;t be compared to jessica or tiffany. to mention her name on the same level with taeyeon. huhu.. how lame is that.

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