SNSD Jessica’s Extravagant Gifts From Uncle Fans!


Girls’ Generation (SNSD) is one of the most popular girl groups in Korea and has an extremely large fan base both domestically and internationally. They have fans from all age groups – teens all the way to uncle fans. Uncle fan is a colloquial term to describe a fan that is over thirty years old. Since the beginning of kpop, dedicated fans showered their favorite celebrities with various fan letters and gifts to show their appreciation for all the celebs’ hard works. It’s no secret that as one of Korea’s most loved celebrities, the girls of Girls’ Generation receive bucket loads of fan gifts. Most young fans usually send thoughtful letters and various gifts like stuffed animals; however, one of the perks that come with having uncle fans is their bigger wallets. It’s been roughly two months since SNSD’s Jessica’s 22nd birthday, and photos of birthday gifts from her uncle fans have surfaced on a SNSD fan site, and she’s received some amazing, albeit extravagant, gifts.


Below are just some of her birthday gifts!

A MIDI master keyboard + various accessories

Audio Interface

ULTRASONE Natural Surround Sound Headphones

Designer flat shoes

Photobook titled “Special day for JESSICA~” with various writings from fans

Olympus camera with a 17mm viewfinder as well two lenses: 17mm lens & 14-42mm lens

Chanel and other luxury cosmetic products

Designer headbands

Black pearl necklace

Source: Soompi
Shared by hellohazel @ SMTownJjang

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