Secrets to Yuri’s solid abs uncovered!

The secrets to Yuri’s solid abs which include her diet and working out routines were revealed on SBS ‘One Night’s TV Entertainment’ aired on June 9th. Being one of the most talked about topics recently, the revelation of Yuri’s secrets in maintaining her sexy, fit and solid caught the attention of viewers.

Reporter Ji YoungEun met up with Yuri’s health trainer, Lee YoungMan to uncover these secrets. The trainer revealed, “In order to have such body, Yuri adhered to perfect diet and did aerobic exercises”. Yuri’s diet consists of seasonal vegetables, brown rice, broccoli, etc and she constantly keeps her calorie intakes in check.

The trainer also talked about how Yuri got her solid abs through her working out routines. First, while lying down, one has to place both arms across the chest and use his/her strength to lift the upper body up (as in doing a sit-up exercise). As the upper body is lifted, one releases his/her breath. Once the maximum stretch is achieved, one comes back down again to the original position. At this point, one would feel the tension in the abdominal muscles. Discipline in carrying out the routines is the key to achieving the goal.

According to Lee YoungMan, Yuri carries out 600 times of such exercise everyday.

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