f(x)’s Repackaged Album Revealed

Girl group f(x) has revealed their repackaged album, “Hot Summer” teaser.

Through their official homepage and YouTube channel, they announced that they would be performing a new type of performance, causing many fans to be eager for their new song. “Hot Summer” is a song with a strong sound and beat, like a electro-pop dance song, giving f(x)’s new song a cute and bright style.

f(x) has had a few songs released already, such as their debut song “LA chA TA”, their first single “Chu~♡”, and around four more songs. They are planning on releasing this new song on the 14th online.

Credits: fisplus.joinmsn.com

Photo Credits: fisplus.joinmsn.com

Translated by ilysmtown @ SMTownJjang



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