f(x) Victoria Chosen as Celeb with Most Mannequin-Like Body

Recently, f(x)’s Victoria has been chosen as the celeb with the most mannequin-like body. The poll took place from May 31st to June 7th on  DC Inside, a popular Korean online community, and asked netizens to vote for the female celeb with the most mannequin-like, in other words perfect, body. 5,703 fans participated, and Victoria took home the title with 16.9% of the votes (963 votes).

Before launching her entertainment career in Korea, Victoria attended the prestigious Beijing Dance Academy and majored in Chinese ethnic dance. Her toned body, as well as long limbs, can be accredited to years of dance training.

G.NA placed a close second with 14.8% (845 votes). Ever since her comeback with “Black and White,” G.NA’s been garnering attention for her perfect body. Photos of her perfectly proportioned body in several photo shoots proved no need for editing, and netizens began calling her “the celeb with the no-need-for-photoshop body.”

Secret Garden’s” Kim Sarang was voted third with 12.4% of the votes (706 votes). She’s proved her glamorous body through various CFs where she practices yoga in tight tanks and short shorts. Additionally, actress Lee Da Hye ranked 4thAfter School’s Nana 5th, actress Shin Min Ah 6th, model Jang Yoon Ju7th, and actress Han Chae Young ranked 8th.

Source: Soompi
Shared by hellohazel @ SMTownJjang 


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