Lee Soo Man talks about expanding SM Entertainment into foreign markets

On June 10th, the company that Lee Soo Man founded back in 1989, SM Entertainment, will have a big performance in Paris, France. Through a phone interview, he spoke about how confident he felt about expanding into Europe and beyond.

Once he is back in Paris, Lee Soo Man is scheduled to meet with 70 various composers and producers at a conference. The composers and producers are part of the SM Network, which was created in order to enter the world market. In Paris, they intend to discuss in detail on securing the European market. They will also hold discussions on how to make Korean music more relatable to both Europeans and Americans. He believes that this network played an important role in attracting the French youth and it makes him feel certain that their music will continue to make a big impact. Lee Soo Man also revealed that SM Entertainment has relationships with over 300 composers all over the world.

When asked if songs composed by foreign composers could really be considered Korean songs, Lee Soo Man said that it’s pointless in thinking about that. He compares music to food in that it all changes based on personal preference. Whoever is making or eating the food might change the ingredients a bit and add salt or make it spicier. To appeal to the tastes of European listeners, Korean music would generally have to slightly alter as well to fit their tastes. This wouldn’t necessarily make it any less Korean and he believes it’s better to live without being too strong-headed about such thoughts and labels.

He continued by saying he wants more recognition in the American market and strongly believes that he should work hard to also make SM Entertainment the best in China. He said, “We’re currently succeeding in Japan and making moves in America and Europe, but but my primary goal is to make the Hollywood in China ours. In five years, we will surely become number one in Asia.”

When asked if he was going to hold performances in other European countries, Lee Soo Man said that they also had many fans in England, Germany, Spain, and Sweden. After the show in Paris, he intends to eventually take initiative in those countries, as well.

The ‘SM Town Live’ in Paris will feature DBSK, SNSD, Super Junior, SHINee, and f(x).

Source & Photo: Chosun


One response to “Lee Soo Man talks about expanding SM Entertainment into foreign markets

  1. damn you, Lee Soo Man. Come to New York! You do SMTown in LA, but all the cool Asians are in the East Coast! -_____-” OBVIOUSLY

    (jk, but why don’t they ever come to East Coast, sighhhhhh)

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