Maritime Drama ‘Poseidon’ Comes To An End

With a stream of resignations from lead roles and a failure to secure an airing schedule, the maritime drama ‘Poseidon’ has finally decided to stop production altogether.

‘Poseidon’ was a drama that portrayed the lives of the maritime police’s special forces team and became a hot topic for being Eric’s first drama since his return to the industry. It boasted a star-studded cast that included Kim Kang Woo, Kim Ok Bin, U-Know Yunho(TVXQ) and Jeon Hae Bin.

But disaster struck when the YeonPyungdo shelling incident and bad weather caused ‘Poseidon’ to halt filming for the drama in December. A further setback occurred when SBS decided not to air the drama in May and also when other broadcasting companies turned down the drama from their airing schedules.

With the filming schedule being delayed and the production company failing to secure an airing schedule, actors such as Kim Kang Woo and Kim Ok Bin resigned from their roles, and they were recently joined by the leading man, Eric, as he has decided to appear in KBS 2TV’s new Monday-Tuesday drama ‘Spy MyeongWol’.

In a phone conversation with NoCut News on the 1st, Eric’s entertainment agency stated, “We have come to an agreement with the production company to withdraw Eric from his role in ‘Poseidon’. Since filming 20% of the first episode in December, we have been waiting for filming to resume, but as the situation became uncertain, we have decided to withdraw Eric from the production. We then decided to have him appear in the drama ‘Spy MyeongWol’.

A representative of H20, the production company of ‘Poseidon’, tersely replied, “Production has been suspended completely,” and hastily hung up.

The production company promised to resume filming in May at the latest with new cast members, but with Eric’s decision to resign from his leading role, the drama has come to an early end.

Source: [NoCut News]

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