A sneak peak at BoA’s acting for “COBU 3D”

After intense dance training, BoA has finally began shooting last month for her U.S. debut dance film, “COBU 3D.” BoA has been casted to play the female lead role, Aya, alongside “Dancing With The Stars” Derek Hough, who plays the male lead Donny.

Their two characters grow up in different environment, but eventually meet at an underground New York club. Aya and Donny first begins to hate each other, but are then put into a Romeo and Juliet situation as both of their brothers own rival clubs.

Since filming for the upcoming movie flick started, BoA has been massively tweeting updates and photos on her Twitter account, including behind-the-scene photos of herself, the cast, and the movie set. TVXQ’s U-know Yunho also was reported to have visited his senior on the set in May in Toronto and will be making a special cameo appearance in the movie.

Recently, BoA appeared on a Japanese show “NihonTV-PON” and shots of BoA recording a scene for “COBU 3D” can be seen. In this scene, Donny is in the midst of being arrested by police when Aya emerges from a taxi, shocked, attempts to run to him, but is held back by an officer.

She leaves a message for viewers and the show’s cast and said, “Hello this is BoA. Bibiru-san, are you doing well? Right now, I am in Toronto. Since it is a dance themed drama, it’ll be great if all the actors/actresses including me will not get hurt while filming. Next time, I’ll definitely come visit everyone at the studio.”

BoA recently celebrated her 10th Japanese anniversary. “Step Up” and “Save the Last Dance” director Duane Adler, and “Jumanji” producer Robert Cort have joined together to create “COBU 3D.” SM Entertainment and CJ Entertainment have been listed as co-producers.

What did you think of the short clip of BoA’s acting so far? Are you looking forward to “COBU 3D”?

Source: kstar0897, Koreaboo and BoAjjang
Shared by hellohazel @ SMTownJjang


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