Venezuelan group possibly plagiarized TVXQ’s “Mirotic”

A Venezuelan group by the name of Zivao, released a song called “Dentro de tu piel” or “Under Your Skin”, which sounds exactly like TVXQ’s “Mirotic.” Listen below!

A TVXQ representative has said, “We’ve never heard of a group called Zivao before. We will look into the problem.”

However, remember that “Mirotic” was not created by S.M.German singer Sarah Connor has also released “Under My Skin,” after she legally bought the copyright. Sarah Connor was restricted to releasing the song in North America, Australia, and Europe, while TVXQ was restricted to Asia (funny how they did not say anything about South America!). Nonetheless, if Zivao did plagiarize illegally, they should face proper consequences.

Source: [hankooki+sukiya19@youtube]
Translated & Shared by:, michelle@smtownjjang


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