SHINee to hold solo concert in Taiwan this July

Good luck to the Shawols in China and Taiwan!

※Concert Date:2011.07.16 7pm to 10pm (tentatively)

※Location: Super Dome Taipei

※Ticket prices: 4,000/3,500/2,500/1,800/800RMB
4,000RMB (Rock Pit and first 9 rows in 2F)
3,500RMB (2F 10th row onwards10)
2,500RMB (3F Yellow3A & Yellow3J, Rows 1~8, Yellow3B~Yellow3I, Rows 1~6)
1,800 / 800

※Pre-order sales launch: 12pm 4 June 2011

※Ticketing outlets: All Famiport outlets,

※Pre-order tickets sales closing date: 11.59pm 7 June 2011

※Requirements for purchase of tickets: Super Dome member ID through mobile and email verification.

※Purchase of tickets procedure:
1. All tickets (regardless of Rock Pitt, seated) will be purchased by pre-orders, to key in Super Dome member ID, date of birth etc in order to continue with the pre-order process.

2. Each order can purchase 4 tickets only…

3. Entry to “Rock Pitt” will starts at 2 hours before start of the concert.

4. Availability to choose seats for seated area or via computer.

5. You have to complete the ticketing process within 10 minutes.

6. Famiport counters accepts only cash payment and you will be issued a receipt. (Please keep the receipt for verification in the event you did not received the tickets).

7. All the pre-orders tickets will be sent out via registered mail on 30 June 2011.



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