[Video/Translate] SNSD answered interesting questions from kids

It’s May 5th, Children’s Day. ‘Dispatch News’ conducted an interview with Korea’s national girl group, SNSD! Although the girls are busy with their activities, album preparation and concert practice, they managed to spare some time to participate in the interview.

They are indeed the national girl group. There were a lot of different questions from the children to the girls; from SNSD members’ handphone numbers, reasons for wearing hot pants to the group (between Super Junior and SHINee) they get along better.

To suit these young children, SNSD members who are full of their own unique charms, gave some hand gestures while replying to the questions to help them understand better and this made the interview more interesting.

Interview (D represents Dispatch News who conveyed the questions from some children)

D: SNSD noona(sisters), why do you cry whenever you get first? (Choi SungJae, 8 years old)

Tiffany: Did we cry whenever we get no.1? (Looking at other members) Ah, we did.
Yuri: I think among the nine of us, we take turns crying.
Tiffany and Hyoyeon: Whenever we get no.1, the members would keep on crying because we feel very happy inside our hearts.

D: Sooyoung noona, since your name is Sooyoung, can you really swim well? (Choi SungJae, 8 years old)

Everyone: No. She can’t. Sooyoung can’t swim.
Sooyoung: Noona’s name is not the sport ‘swimming’ (went on to explain her ‘soo’ and ‘young’). Children, when you grow up and have started to learn hanja, you would understand what noona’s name means. I’m not related to this sooyoung (‘swimming’, moving her arm). However, children, if you want, noona will learn how to swim this summer.

D: As I want to grow long hair, I wish to know how can I grow them like unnies? (Kim JiMin, 8 years old).

Hyoyeon: (Touching her hair) Think a lot about your hair growing long. Long.Long…..
Sunny: (Touching her hair) Long hair.
Tiffany: If you eat well, It won’t take long for your hair to grow.
YoonA: That’s right. Your meals must be balanced. If you eat a lot of food with protein, your hair will grow very very fast.
Taeyeon: Black beans are good.
Tiffany: If you obey your parents, your hair will grow fast.
Hyoyeon: Aye. That’s right.

D: SNSD unnies. Do you like Super Junior? Do you like SHINee? Who are you closer to? (Kim JiMin, 8 years old)

Tiffany: I can’t choose. Yes.
Taeyeon: All of them.
Hyoyeon: Super Junior are really cool oppas, right? SHINee are really cool hoobaes (juniors), aren’t they? Am I right?

D: SNSD noonas. What are your telephone numbers? Please let me know your handphone numbers. (Yoon JaeMin, 8 years old).

Yuri: 1004~ noona’s number 1004~
YoonA: 010~
Tiffany: My number is bbyeong bbyeong bbyeong~bbyeong bbyeong bbyeong bbyeong.
Sooyoung: Instead of asking for our phone numbers to send us greetings,  you can help noonas much more if you cheer for us when we are performing on stage. Our children, please support and cheer for SNSD always.

D: SNSD noonas, even during winter, why do you wear hot pants? You don’t feel cold? (Yoon JaeJoon, 8 years old)

Sooyoung: It’s cold. (Looking at Jessica) Cold, right?
Jessica: Yes, it’s cold. Very.
Hyoyeon: It’s because We have to look pretty in the costumes that match the songs we are performing…
Sunny: Also to show that we are healthy
YoonA: When we are not on stage, we wear long pants.
Tiffany: When we are not on stage, we put on a few layers of clothes.
Yuri: Dear children, when you are cold, do not wear short pants like unnie/noona. Please take care of your health and wear long pants.

D: SNSD noona, are you nervous when you’re on the stage? When do you feel nervous the most? (An JungJin, 10 years old)

Sooyoung: The time when i am most nervous. I think it should be before we get onto the stage. Since we enjoy ourselves while we are performing on stage, the most nervous moment is the time when we are just about to perform…the nervousness is so great that I feel like crying.
Jessica: Yes, that’s right.

At the end of the interview:

Sunny: Dear children. Always stay healty and listen to your parents well. Also, always listen to your teachers as well. Get along well with your friends. Please give us, SNSD noonas/unnies lots and lots of love.

Everyone: Dear children, goodbye~Right now So.Nyeo.Shi.Dae. We love you ♡.

Credit: Dispatch News/ dispatchsns
Translator: Fanwonder


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