Former MBC Producer Reveals Talented Singer List – Includes IU, Junsu And Taeyeon

I am a Singer is a TV show that provides the stage for singers to showcase their true potential.

Recently, I am a Singer‘s former producer, Kim Younghee, revealed his personal “talented singers” list in an interview. The list includes IU, JYJ’s Kim Junsu and SNSD’s Taeyeon. He claimed that he admires IU a lot and would have liked to have her to be on the show. However, he has left the show and this wish can’t be fulfilled just yet.

Each week on I am a Singer, singers will perform on stage and be voted by the 500 live audience immediately after their performance. The singer will the least amount of votes will be eliminated from the show.

Sources say that the program will resume recording on May 1st.

Source: [korea star daily]
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