BoA to begin filming “Cobu 3D” in May

BoA will begin filming for “Cobu 3D” this coming may! SM Entertainment has announced on the 19th that “Cobu 3D will crank in on May.” (Crank In as in begin filming) Through this experience BoA will begin her side-acting career. SM has also revealed that, “Boa has been preparing herself to ensure smooth filming for the film.” She has been practicing dancing since February at LA.” Also, she has moved to Toronto, Canada which will be a location for the filming.

“Cobu 3D” is an interracial love story which was written by the man behind “Step Up” and “Save the Last Dance.” BoA and also the male lead who is Derek Hough (Dancing with the Stars Champ) play two dancers who belong to rival dance clubs in underground New York. They fall in love somewhat similar to Romeo & Juliet.

The producer of “Cobu 3D” is Robert Colt who also produced “Jumanji.” CJ Entertainment and SM Entertainment are co-producing the film.

Source: Soompi
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One response to “BoA to begin filming “Cobu 3D” in May

  1. That means she wont attend SM Tour Concert in Paris (yeah, she confirmed in her twitter). So sad. I wanna the whole SM Family together!!! T^T

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