Nichkhun fell for Victoria’s charm again

Nichkhun was once again mesmerized by Victoria.

On 16th April, WGM showed Khuntoria couple trying their hand at being reporters for one day. Given a task to introduce Korean cuisine to internationals, they made their way to a lettuce wrap restaurant and fish roe soup restaurant.

On that day, Nichkhun, who was responsible for writing on fish roe soup and barbequed carp, faced a sudden drop in his Korean writing skills. He was unsure of the article structure, and only could stare at the dishes in front of him without eating, with his notebook and pen held tightly.

Subsequently, Victoria said, “We should eat the food before knowing what to write.” and fed Nichkhun, to let him taste the food while giving him some tips to help him write.

Nichkhun expressed his admiration in his blackroom interview, exclaiming that Victoria is “undoubtedly Vic-changjin” (a reference to Jewel in the Palace Da Chang Jin who was a great cook). He continued, “It was like she was a judge for a cooking competition, so charismatic!”

Chi translations/舔酒杯的黑猫@winniebar
Eng trans/december@khuntorialurve
Shared by hellohazel @ SMTownJjang

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