Man who grabbed Taeyeon not mentally ill but a student; SM Entertainment will not press charges

Late last night, we reported that Taeyeon was pulled off stage by a mysterious man during the Angel Price Music Festival.

Just now, the mysterious man has been confirmed to be an ordinary university student. Through a telephone interview, the event’s organizer revealed, “After interrogating the suspect, it was revealed that he is a common university student. Because he admitted his wrong, a police investigation was not filed.”

Currently, the man is staying at home. The event’s organizers continued, “He’s still young and it was taken into account that he has studies and academic responsibilities. After seeing that Taeyeon did not incur serious injuries, SM Entertainment decided not to take legal action and the man is now pondering about his wrongful actions at home.”

The event organizers continued, “Unlike what fans are thinking, the man does not have a mental illness. He was just an avid fan of Taeyeon. He admitted his wrong and now realizes the mistake me made.”

The event organizer, Coupang, has released an official apology and will be giving a 100% refund to ticket buyers.

Source: Dispatch and Koreaboo
Shared by hellohazel @ SMTownJjang

9 responses to “Man who grabbed Taeyeon not mentally ill but a student; SM Entertainment will not press charges

  1. That’s still f**ked up. If he’s not mental then he should receive some kind of punishment? So called fans can’t just run up in the middle of a performance and grab an idols arm and carry them off stage. I mean.. what was his plan? What was he gonna do if no one stopped him?

  2. Firstly, any person who have sense would not do such things whether you’re young or student. secondly what’s up with hiring a very incompetent securities if their sole job is to secure the surrounding and keep the performers safe, i mean wots da point of even hiring one if they cant do their job properly. thirdly SME im very diappointed with decision of not pressing charges. are you going to wait for something bad happen to any of your artists before you take action??? r u going to wait for taeyeon or any of your artists gets injured,abducted etc… before u actually press charges??? cmon without them you don’t have business so you better take care of them.

    I hope Taeyeon and the girls are ok after the traumatic incident.

  3. In my opinion, the guy although a university student should be given a lesson like a attending a seminar on how to respect celebrities specially if the performance is on-going or do community service. This will also make him a better man & a good citizen. He might repeat it if no sanctions will be given to him. We all love SNSD & they should be protected well bec. they are one of the great assets of South Korea.

  4. OMG…that must be traumatic to taeyeon.. I hope she will recover as sson as possible..and WHAT the security do at THERE HAH??????
    hish… as a female point of view, its really really take time to recover from trauma situation..and this not happened between both of them but all fans WATCH it..

    unnie i hope you will recover as soon as possible


  5. if he do such thing to my idol (SNSD) in Malaysia, i won’t let him go just like that. i will hunt him down and maybe i will break his arm. i’m really pissed off. he don’t deserve to live free. i really mean it. hope that such incidents are not repeated.

  6. Thats insane! ! ! if he’s not mentaly ill at that time what else can he do when he’s suffering from mental illness, if i’m there at that time i would go up that stage and break every bone had. . .

  7. got away with it… aaaaaaaaahhhhh fuck …wtf fuck fuck wtf fuck…. do something punnishment is in order i dont give a ratz ass if he is a student … beat the shit out of him teach him to show respect and to never try such a thing… fucking retard he was lucky i wasn’t there i would have broking his face student or NOT

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