Which K-pop artist do the Japanese most want to get to know?

On April 10th, WOWOW aired the big South Korean music event “DREAM CONCERT 2010” in Japan and many Japanese K-pop fans were pleased to see the performances of many of their favorite Korean artists on TV.

Prior to the broadcast goo/NTT DoCoMo wanted to find out which K-pop artist their members were most curious about and yesterday they released the results of this mobile poll. The results shouldn’t be that surprising when looking at the current success of the various K-pop groups in Japan. Check out the complete ranking below. (For those of you curious as to why Big Bang wasn’t on the list, they picked the artists from the lineup that performed at DREAM CONCERT 2010).

Which K-pop artist do you want to get to know the most?

01 – 5,124 votes – KARA
02 – 2,665 votes – I’m not interested in K-pop
03 – 2,155 votes – Shoujo Jidai (SNSD)
04 – 688 votes – CNBLUE
05 – 397 votes – 2PM
06 – 369 votes – BEAST
07 – 355 votes – SUPER JUNIOR
08 – 260 votes – 4Minute
09 – 213 votes – SHINee
10 – 94 votes – T-ara
11 – 88 votes – AFTER SCHOOL
12 – 82 votes – MBLAQ
13 – 71 votes – ZE:A
14 – 43 votes – Lee Hyori
14 – 43 votes – U-KISS
16 – 35 votes – Wonder Girls
17 – 34 votes – f(x)
18 – 19 votes – RAINBOW
19 – 10 votes – F.CUZ

SM artists are bolded

cr: tokyohive

11 responses to “Which K-pop artist do the Japanese most want to get to know?

  1. Hey how can you forgot my beloved SHINee??

    Though this is just a poll, I feel sad everytime I see Beast above SHINee. I like Beast but seeing their popularity shoot like 2pm, I feel sorry for SHINee.

  2. i don’t think so super junior is under 2pm and beast.
    super junior and shinee is right above of them..
    elf doesn’t know about this poll…
    it’s kinda sad for me..
    go go KARA..

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  4. Go KARA!! But I think SJ must be at least next to KARA. Believe me, according to the latest poll, Japanese fans want TVXQ! first, then KARA, then Big Bang then Super Junior. I mean, without proper promotions in Japan, they still managed to be in the top places. So I wonder why they aren’t next to KARA and only under SNSD, B2ST, CNBlue and 2pm. Oh, just wondering. I think Japanese ELFs are not that interested in Dream Concert, since SJ performed only once there. Hihi. 🙂

  5. uh.. SHINee isn’t first of SNSD.. for most i see SNSD is first then SHINee is like the 5th one or soo..SHINee i popular these days.. but it may just be that shinee is on a hiatus for now..

  6. to the ppl that say super junior should be in a higher rank…
    super junior hasnt exactly debuted in japan like how snsd did so its pretty amazing that they are ranked this high in the poll!

  7. ELFS didn’t know about this poll so they weren’t able to vote for SJ, Eventhough they didn’t debut in japan, thy still managed to have a 3 nights sold out super shows there 🙂 SUJU fighting!!

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