TVXQ shares their memorable kisses and younger sisters’ ideal men

On April 14th, TVXQ guested on tvN’s “Taxi” and revealed stories about their love lives.

When asked at what age they had their first kisses, Changmin answered, “Five years ago, I had it in front of my girlfriend’s house when I was taking her home.”

Instead of answering the question, Yunho opted to share a story about his most memorable kiss experience. He explained, “My girlfriend was drunk and called me, asking me to come pick her up. When I arrived, she ordered me to kiss her right then and there.”

He continued, “I hesitated for 2 secs until she said, ‘See? This is who you are. There’s this inevitable wall between us.’ I felt sorry, so I pulled the hoodie I was wearing to cover my face and kissed her.”

Later, Yunho revealed, “I originally wanted to get married at 27, but it didn’t work out. My new goal is 32.”

Moving onto the topic of their families, the boys revealed that they each had a younger sister of great beauty. In fact, Yunho’s sister is rumored to be a famous ulzzang in Kwangju.

Mulling over these facts, the MC asked, “Would you introduce your younger sisters to each other?”

Yunho answered, “I know everything about Changmin already.” Changmin added, “Actually, I know too much about him so I think we should keep a distance…”

Still persistent, the MC continued by asking, “What if your sisters really liked the other member?“ Changmin replied, “I did asked, but my sister is actually a fan of Super Junior’s Si Won.

Yunho answered with a laugh, “My sister is a fan of Hyun Bin from ‘Secret Garden‘.

Source: Newsen #1, #2 via Nate

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