IU – Max Changmin Wedding Photoshoot “We Are Very Compatible”

Singer IU and TVXQ member Max Changmin’s wedding photoshoot was released.

On the 10th April broadcast of SBS Heroes, IU and Max Changmin completed a wedding photoshoot with the theme ‘A touching wedding’ as a task.In the photograph, petite bride IU put her hand to her chin, giving a shy expression, while Max Changmin was looking at IU with loving eyes. The use of the guitar and other props made the whole atmosphere even more refreshing.

Apart from IU – Max Changmin, the wedding photoshoots of couples Max Changmin – Seo In Young, U-know Yunho – Jiyeon, Noh Hong Chul – Lee Jin and more were revealed too, attracting the attention of netizens.

Source: [DongA] + [TVXQ Baidu]
Translation credits: weishaaan@tohosomnia.net
Shared by: tohosomnia.net

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9 responses to “IU – Max Changmin Wedding Photoshoot “We Are Very Compatible”

  1. they doesn’t match each other. ChangMin’s level way higher than IU. if they really in a relationship, i think, i’ll no longer call myself Cassiopeia

    • a true Cassie would want changmin to be happy, no matter who he chooses to have a relationship with. by saying selfish things like this, you have no right to call yourself a Cassie even now. the fandom
      has enough people who will support changmin and the other boys and pray for their happiness that someone like you will not missed.

  2. We’ve deleted some comments that we consider as hateful comments to IU.
    Please think before commenting.
    Respect another artist (in this case, IU).
    Thank you.

  3. i don’t really understand why people don’t like IU. she’s pretty, talented and seems like a nice girl. I don’t know if they don’t like IU in particular or maybe just because of the fact that she’s being paired to Changmin.

    Same thing happened when she did a live performance with Yoseop for the song Marshmallow. People hated her. Maybe some people are just envious coz IU is way better than them and she gets these chances to be with cute kpop guys hahaha

  4. eventhough my fangirl’s heart is breaking into pieces at that moment, i cant help but to love this couple.. yes, they r so compatible~

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