BoA shows off her beautiful skin for “L’OCCITANE Korea”

On April 15th, cosmetics brand “L’OCCITANE” Korea released their latest promotional video featuring BoA as their model!

The 30-second long clip shows BoA on the set of a photoshoot with a short interview on her skin care tips, her favorite products, and what she likes about the brand. Check out the video and interview below!


video cr:

Q. “Do you have any tips for managing your skin?”

BoA: After I wash my face, I try to use the moisturizing products from the ‘Angelica’ line as quickly as possible.

Q. “What do you like about L’Occitane?”

BoA: L’Occitane uses natural plant extracts as the main ingredient, so I have a lot of trust in the brand.

Q. “What’s your favorite product from the ‘Angelica’ line?”

BoA: I love the milky lotion the best.  It’s very moisturizing, light, and has a healthy scent to it.


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