Bianca Bai reads comic for upcoming drama, sees SJ as little kids

Bianca Bai reads comic for upcoming drama, sees SJ as little kids
Bianca Bai who is busy filming the new drama “Extravagant Challenge” has recently catwalked for Bvlgari’s exquisite jewelry at a fashion show. She has not catwalked for a jewelry fashion show in a long while but once she put on the golden diamond necklace which was once wore by Hollywood actress Juliana Moore at the Golden Globe Awards, she felt the luxurious aura all over again.

Bianca who is filming with the highly popular Super Junior’s Donghae and Siwon said that she only sees them as very well mannered children. This is because previously in the filming locations, she has always been the youngest, but this time both the Korean stars are younger than her. Therefore she doesn’t fantasize(about potential relationships) but on the contrary, the level of excitement among her female friends and friends surprised her. Once the news of her filming came out, Bianca’s handphone inbox and email inbox were filled with messages asking when they can actually visit the filming location. Only then she knew how popular Super Junior was.

Now that she has been promoted to the “sister” level, she was asked when would she be someone’s wife? Bianca answered that she currently places her focus on work and will only consider marriage after she turns 30. She also hopes to have children immediately after that.

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