f(x) Luna’s Teaser Revealed!

The teaser image for Luna is finally revealed!

In the teaser image, Luna is donning retro sunglasses with a cute hairstyle, giving off a bright and fun energy.


Even during Luna’s f(x) promotions, she was starring in a musical production, “Legally Blonde”, transforming into an actress. Many are excited to see her newly transformed image in this new album.


f(x)’s teasers have all been mysterious, only giving small hints about the album. Krystal’s was charming and overflowing with charisma, stylish and attractive was Amber, while Sulli was cute and lovable. Victoria’s was lady-like, and finally Luna’s was overflowing with bright and happy energy, causing music fans to get more and more interest in their new album.


Meanwhile, f(x) is going to make a comeback on KBS2’s “Music Bank”. Their first studio album, “Pinocchio” will be released on the 20th.


Credits: sports.chosun.com

Photo Credits: sports.chosun.com

Translated by ilysmtown @ SMTownJjang

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