Super Junior and others to perform in Indonesia for KIMCHI

Good news for Indonesian Kpop Fans! Indonesian music promoter, W Production, will bring 5 kpop idols for KIMCHI event and one of the idols is no other than Super Junior.

It has been confirmed through W Production’s twitter account that Super Junior, The Boss, Girl’s Day, Park Jungmin and  the upcoming group X-5 will perform in KIMCHI.

KIMCHI, stands for Korean Idols Music Concert Hosted In Indonesia, will be held on June 4th 2011 in Jakarta, Indonesia.

stay tuned for more information!

source: WProductions’ twitter


9 responses to “Super Junior and others to perform in Indonesia for KIMCHI

  1. Yippee…! Although I’m not an Elf (I’m a Cassiopea), but I’m glad that SuJu’s coming to Indonesia for a concert. Don’t know (or care) much about The Boss and the rest of the guests.

    I’ll definitely work hard to buy tickets and go there very early so I could see the handsome Siwon-oppa!

  2. OMG this is so painful that i’m indonesian but UNFORTUNATELY i’m studying at melbourne now !!!!!! SUJU OPPA PLEASE COME TO MELBOURNE T^T

  3. Ticket prices for Super Junior Concert

    Reguler: 500.000
    VIP: 1.000.000
    Silver: 1.500.000
    Gold: 2.500.000
    VVIP: 3.000.000

    Doushite? *Speechless* Who does the ticket price are so… Expensive? Dx OTL

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