SHINee’s Kim Jonghyun send a birthday message on his special day!

As all SHINee fans would know, today is a special day for Kim Jonghyun. It’s his birthday! On this special day, Jonghyun send a UFO message to all his fans.

[Jonghyun] Hello This is Jonghyun!! It’s mild weather already~~^^I’m practicing many things like playing guitar, etc in this warm weather^^ How have you been, guys Ke I miss you. Ah, and thank you very much for the happy birthday messages^^You make my ordinary days so special. Thank you^^See you soon, with smiling face^^

Even though it’s his birthday, he still remembers to take care of his fans. How can you not love someone like him?

Also, they had a surprise birthday party for Jonghyun at the SM building and 100 lucky fans were chosen to celebrate together. Lucky fans isn’t it?

Jonghyun was very shocked about the surprise birthday party, look at his shocked reaction below.

I’m sure Jonghyun will enjoy his birthday with all his fans and together with SHINee. Let’s wish him all the best on his 22 years old & take care. May his wishes come true!

If you realised, SHINee would always update messages either through star calls, UFO messages, official messages and through me2DAY everytime there is a special event. This means that they never forgets their fans no matter how busy they were. Let’s anticipate SHINee’s Japanese debut and their comeback!

Translations: soompi
Posted & edited by: vannie @dkpopnews