YoonA and Sunny on the set of ‘Running Man’

On April 5th, photos of YoonA were uploaded onto various portal sites with the title “YoonA, ‘Running Man’ filming fancam”. Sunny’s photo at the set was also being wide shared across the internet since this morning.

In the photos, YoonA looked extremely natural with her baseball hat and her long hair untied. Her beautiful figure is obvious although she was clad only in a black T-shirt and jeans. Sunny on the other, was seen in a blue vest with her hair tied.

Netizens commented “I also wore t-shirt, jeans, and a hat… but I don’t look like her”, “It looks like a beautiful female cop going undercover as a citizen”, “Wow, she really stands out”, etc

YoonA and Sunny finished filming for “Running Man” on April 4th at Dongdaemun PoongMul market.

Credit: joongang.co.kr/chichinhu@Twitter
Translated by: Taengfan@fanwonder.com
Shared by: YoonTeuki @SMTownJjang


One response to “YoonA and Sunny on the set of ‘Running Man’

  1. oops..yoona shirt same as jessica’ shirt..i have seen sica wore it on others show n yoona wore w white w red lip..is it sica’ shirt or the hav the same shirt…hurm..yoonsic..

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