18 responses to “[VID/ENGSUB] WGM Seohyun-Yonghwa “Yongseo” Couple Ep.51 Last Episode

  1. Thanks for subbing the last ep. I cried almost all time. REALLY REALLY SAD 🙂 Don’t say goodbye. I love the way they hug each other at last time.

  2. thank you so much for all your hard work and even though it was sad…i love you guys for helping me understand everything! =D

    Thank you very mcuh! =)

  3. Thank you so much for subbing this!!
    Such a touching episode.. i cried so much. i really don’t want them to end…
    GOGUMA COUPLE FOREVER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Thanks for subbing…. it was so sad that they have to end their marriage. Hope there will be a re-married for this lovely couple since their Japan trip has been cancel.

    Pls bring them back….They are the most watched couple in WGM 🙂

  5. Woah… this was really sad to watch. Thank you smtownjjang for always providing us with the subbed videos.

    I agree with geraldine. I’ve followed both seasons and I’d say that goguma couple are just as genuine as the lettuce couple. I didn’t like both couples at first because they were so slow and it didn’t seem like they had the connection. BUT …just like how they got to know each other better. We got to follow their growth and understandment towards each other. I’m thankful for that yet I feel like turning of all the cameras and microphones and just let them be.

    Please keep in touch and be good friends towards each other.

  6. Ima admit it…. the ending made me spill a few tears. because it wasn’t some GRAND ending….I think that made it even sadder and more heart wrenching…. I’ll still love YongSeo~ Never forget…

  7. I watched again the episode with engsub, ahh, it is really sad & painful, I can’t control my tears while watching them part.

    Upon learning the news about the episodes for the Yongseo couple will soon to end, I immediately proposed in my past comments to MBC WGM staff, one – that they give updates of how previous couples are now doing as an additional portion of the show. two – we, the fans of the Yongseo couple would like to see & watched an update about the present status of Hyun & Yong, their activities, etc. in one or two episodes. I know it will only take one whole day to shoot so why not give us, avid fans of the couple, a gift or incentive for watching & following religiously the couple without fail from Ep. 1-51. I hope the creative minds behind MBC WGM can do something about this request or proposal with the help & support of SMTown Jjang group & other groups backing the Yongseo couple. Thanks in advance.

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  9. I never expected this couple to become my fav, but they somehow did and I’m so sad that they will no longer be on wgm! There is no couple like Yongseo and they’ll always be #1 in my heart!

  10. it feels…incomplete T_T
    somehow…it still feels like a YongSeo ep will come back out next week….T_T
    somehow…it feels like YongSeo will be together again for another ep..T_T
    i don’t want it to end…the last ep just feels so incomplete……..
    I want YongSeo TTT___TTT…

  11. i felt so sad when I watched last episode..
    it just… I personally don’t want yongseo’s days over ..
    i felt worse when seohyun cried and yonghwa try his best to not cry …
    can’t imagine what they feel..
    I even rewatched , but still cried
    I just hope they could keep contact after wgm and even have better relationship..
    I am waiting for their news in future 😀
    YongSeo Fightingg ! :DDD

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